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Rainin’ in My Heart…Back to the Blues

Rainin’ in My Heart….
Back to the Blues


In 1985, Louisiana Public Broadcasting brought you a film about the Blues in Baton Rouge. In 2002, we go back to our Blues roots to bring you more Louisiana Blues and more Blues artists from the Full Moon Blues Festival at Heminbough in St. Francisville.

This film, “Rainin’ in My Heart….Back to the Blues” updates the older film, profiling many of the artists who performed in the original, and introducing a new generation of Baton Rouge Blues musicians. 

Blues is hugely popular all over the world; a diverse and multi-leveled art form that can express every human emotion through a kind of folk-art existential poetry that comes from deep within the human spirit. Learn how the blues came from West African rhythms, was transformed by the pain of slavery, and moved North after the Civil War. Much that was the Blues stayed in the Deep South, maturing and developing along with other forms of music. Blues has an influence on every genre of music; jazz, rock and roll, gospel, even classical!

Journey with us back to the blues in Baton Rouge as we visit with older Blues men who started it all, then meet their sons and grandsons who are carrying on the Blues tradition. From Raful Neal and the Neal family to Kenny Acosta and the House Rockers, its Baton Rouge Blues at it’s finest. 

Just some of the lineup include: Silas Hogan, Arthur “Guitar” Kelly, Raful Neal, Elvin Killerbee, Kenny Acosta, Henry Gray, T-bone Singleton, Tabby Thomas, Chris Thomas King, and more!

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